1401 Abbott St.
Detroit, MI 48216

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Whether you are having a corporate party, wedding, business meeting, media event, or numerous other occasions, our brewery setting is the perfect venue for any type of event! We have multiple indoor and outdoor spaces available, totaling over 25,000 square feet.

Our locally sourced menu and craft beer selections allows you to offer a fine and unique dining experience in the heart of Detroit.

open loft-like atmosphere

pool, darts & more

incredible catering options

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what is your cancellation policy? 

We understand that things can change.  That's why we allow you to cancel, with no cost, at any time up to 48 hours before the start of the event. After that, there is a charge to account for the costs we incur by not being able to use the space for someone else.  So, if you do cancel WITHIN 48 hours of the event, we charge a cancellation fee of $10 per head based on the final event headcount.

what is your policy regarding gratuity?

We're confident that our high-quality service will make you feel comfortable and that your expectations will be exceeded.  While we don’t have a minimum gratuity expectation, we encourage you to tip 18% if you feel very happy with the services provided

Are there any "not allowed' items i need to be aware of?

For space maintenance reasons, we don't allow tape, tacks or staples on the walls. For cleanup reasons we don't allow rice, bird-seeds, confetti or glitter. Dripless candles are allowed in holders with the flame at least one inch below the top of the holder. Candles are not allowed in unattended areas.

The Event Host will be responsible for any damage caused to Brew Detroit Brewery directly by guests to (including but not limited to walls, flooring, carpet, décor, building, landscaping, grounds, etc.)

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More About Us

Located in the historic Corktown District of Detroit, Michigan, Brew Detroit operates in a 68,000-square-foot facility. Brew Detroit was incorporated in September 2012 and installed its BrewHouse and its canning and bottling lines in 2013, with the initial brewing and packaging beginning in early 2014. We opened our taproom and restaurant in 2022 with a regionally recognized farm-to-fork menu. Our craft beers are second to none and the experiences we offer bring you the best of Detroit, right here in Corktown.

Brew Detroit started with one customer in January 2014 and grew to eight customers by mid-2016. We are still growing today, with new customers and additional available capacity to grow our Brewhouse.