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Corktown, Detroit


Our 68,000-square-foot facility is a shrine to our love of beer. So we filled it with state-of-the-art brewing technology worthy of the great beers we make.That starts with our fully automated 100-barrel BrauKon three-vessel brewing system with automated CIP.

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This brewing system has as much in common with a homebrew kit as CERN does with a lab beaker set — it’s a flawless system that delivers efficient, consistent brewing for the most high-quality beers.

We’re prepared to make exactly what you have in mind. Want to go big? Our pair of two-row base malt silos each hold a bulk truckload of malt to handle the job. Looking for something a little more scaled back? We can use malt from supersacks and standard malt bags for smaller batches. Either way, once we get them into our Buhler Compact Malt Mill, you’re on your way to some delicious beer.

Tom McGuire

"Locally sourced ingredients and an incredible atmosphere.”

Sophia Samoa

"Not only is Brew Detroit true to the beer, but they are true to the city. The eccentric nature of the decor is worth noting...”

The Flavor Vault

Our Cellar

Fermentation defines the beer, and our 200- or 400-barrel glycol-jacketed cylindro-conical tanks and a total cellar capacity of 6,400 barrels are ready to take your beer from quality hops, barley and yeast to a delicious brew.

While it’s maturing, our 10-barrel temperature-controlled yeast propagation vessel lets us use 24-hour step-up propagations of new yeast strains, so you can turn the little fungus into the big flavor you’re looking for.

Want crystal clear lager or a hazy IPA? Our ANDRITZ centrifuge and fully enclosed modular lenticular sheet filter can consistently deliver the beer clarification level you’re looking for.

We take maturation seriously, and our end result is a beer that looks and tastes perfect.

pitch deck: Our offerings

We Specialize in Doing...More

Yes, We Do Packaging

Brew Detroit does so much more than brewing. Even though we love the look of beer in a barrel, the rest of the world seems to prefer it a bottle, can or keg — so we’re equipped for container filling, blending, packaging and fulfillment services. Whether it is a new product introduction, overflow capacity production or secondary packaging, we’re ready to get to work for your brand.

We have four filling machines on our three production lines:
- A 24-valve can line with a Switchback Packer that does chipboard wrap cases in 4, 6, 12, 15, 18, and 24-packs and a fully automated Wave Grip applicator that applies plastic rings to 4 and 6-packs.
- Two Crown seventy-two bottle fillers with a Krones labeler that can apply front and back labels to different size glass bottles.
- Complete Comac keg filling line with a capacity of 70 half-barrel kegs per hour (handles 1/2 barrels, 1/4 barrels and sixtels).

All of our packaging lines are equipped with twist rinsing for cleanliness, coding containers for lot traceability, fill volume inspection, x-ray for cans and label detection for our glass containers, so you can be sure your great beer gets a great start.

Yes, We Have Nano-Brewing Capability

SABCO Nano-Magic™ pilot system is where beer creativity are served by the pint. Our brewers put their vision, passion and sometimes even craziness into these delicious small-batch beers that customers can try in our Tasting Room. You can use this freedom to develop new beer styles which we then scale-up to our 100-barrel BrauKon Brewing System.

Yes, We Use Industry Leading Quality Control

When you truly care about beer, quality is the only standard. That’s why every batch at Brew Detroit goes through a complete battery of testing at every stage of the brewing possess. It involves a bunch of fancy scientific names, but it all means one thing: clean, precise, excellent beer, every time.

- Haffmans c-DGM makes sure there’s consistent carbonation and minimizes dissolved oxygen throughout the brewing and packaging process.
- UV-Vis Spectrometer helps quantify the bitterness levels and color of each batch from smooth lagers to hop heavy IPAs.
- The Funke-Gerber Alcolyzer we use in the lab gives us exact measurements of ABV, ABW, OE, AE/RE and ADF.
- ATP swap testing to ensure cleanliness around the Brewery.
- A vast aging library so that we can verify and assure shelf life at every opportunity.
- A dark field microscope to examine yeast numbers, viability and morphology to make sure no microbiological contaminants make it into any part of the brewing and packaging process.

But the most important tool we use is experience. Our brewers use all their senses, honed from years of experience, throughout the brewing process. Before every batch leaves the brewery, we have a panel of trained professionals analyze it for any defects as well as monitoring aged samples to ensure the beer we produced today is still going to be great when it finds a home on a shelf or in a beer fridge.